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Intermediate Level Photography Course, Saturday February 22nd

So after a great start with our intro class last Saturday, here’s a little sneak preview of the general kind of schedule for our more advanced class taking place Saturday week the 22nd, once again here at the studios.

  • A brief review of different file formats and importation, storage and management
  • An introduction to Profoto lights and light shaping tools
  • A more detailed look at the different light shaping tools – softboxes, umbrellas and beauty dishes – and what each can achieve
  • Different treatments in Photoshop
  • Pre-visualising your image and how to achieve mood with lighting
  • Practical session with professional model based on the morning’s teaching, using different lights and set ups
  • Edit of shoot, final selection and overview of postproduction options, grading and retouch

This course is aimed at those already with some experience looking to pick things up a notch, creating a forum for discussion and practical learning.

It’s going to be a fast paced day but if you’d like to join us drop Roisin a line at the studios as we still have a few spots left!