RTE’s Home Rescue Shoot

RTE’s Home Rescue Shoot

Delighted to be approached to shoot the promotional shots for the latest season of RTE’s Home Rescue. 

Architect, Róisín Murphy and builder Peter Finn are back for another season – fighting clutter and saving homes all round the country.

We had the duo in our Dublin 8 studio for the day, along with the crew from Coco Content. The studio was filled with laughter and the occasional shout of “OI!” when a lighthearted joke was thrown between the two hosts. 

Occasionally during the shoot, a new prop would appear. Straight away Roisin and Peter would hop on to a ladder, or on top of a box. Not an ounce of fear between them! Unquestionably, it was clear from the start that both Roisin and Peter had the same banter off screen, as they do on screen. 

This lightheartedness is definitely needed as each week architect and Róisín and Peter take on a cluttered home. This could belong to a family, an individual or a group of friends. During the show they tackle the clutter head on. At the end they offer them real resolutions with an entire makeover of two rooms in their house.

I know we will look forward to seeing Roisin and Peter on our screens for more seasons to come.