Keith Barry ‘Insanity Tour’ Studio Shoot

There isn’t a dull moment a day Barry McCall shoots a Mentalist, Magician & Subconscious Mind Specialist in studio! Basically anyone who knows Keith Barry or has seem him live will attest to this. Keith joined us at Bond Street Studios, Dublin 8 to shoot some promotional artwork for his new ‘Insanity’ tour.  

Throughout the shoot not only did Keith hop from one shot to the next, but also came up with perfectly mad ideas.

We had a few set ups prepared earlier on in the day, tested to be eye-catching for promotional purposes. Unquestionably, the crew were entertained during the day. We knew what to expect from this day, and we definitely weren’t disappointed. Check out this older snap of Keith Barry a few years ago the tables were turned when we hung him upside down for our book PHO20GRAPHY in aid of the ISPCC.

Natalie Kinsella was on hand on the day, making sure our mentalist looked his best. Not a hair was out of place as his head floated in the wooden crate. 

Overall, it was a great day in studio and a pleasure to photography Keith once again. 

Catch Keith Barry’s antics life on stage during his Insanity 2020 tour.