Beginner Level Photography Course Saturday April 16th, Dublin

With just over a week to go, we are delighted to kick off our first 1 day photography course of the year with our beginner level next Saturday April 16th. Two spots remain available, so if you'd like to join us for the day, please contact the studios to book your spot now. The lovely crew at 1st Option  are on board again, providing our models for the day. Looking to better understand how to use the manual settings on your DSLR in different scenarios? Looking to have a chance to discuss how different images were created? Looking to have a good practice run at working with your own camera and our models in a professional studio, with Barry himself and his assistants close to hand for advice? Looking to understand how to give your images a final little polish in Photoshop? We'll be covering this and more on our course at Bond Street Studios Dublin 8 next Saturday April 16th, and we're

Photography Courses April 2016

It's that time of year again where we are delighted to announce that we now have dates confirmed for our next round of photography courses at Bond Street Studios in Dublin. Our intro level course will take place Saturday April 16th, while our intermediate level course will take place the following weekend Saturday April 23rd. Whether you've never picked up a camera, or have the basics and are looking to get to the next step, we've got you covered. Check out some of our past blog posts and also this lovely write up by a past participant to get a feel for what to expect on our courses. Places will be limited so get in touch to book your spot, and get set for a day full of learning! Contact Roisin on 01 4166 888 and for further details.

Photography Courses with Barry McCall

Photography Course Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers now available for our photography courses starting in Spring 2016. We'll be giving you more details over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. If you'd like to be ahead of the crowd and know dates before everyone else, join our priority mailing list by emailing Roisin on

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Valentine’s Gift

Stuck for what to get that special someone this Valentine's? Surprise them with a gift voucher for one of our photography courses this February - a spot just freed up on our intro level course Saturday February 21st and spots also remain for the intermediate level Saturday February 28th.  

Photography Courses Fast Approaching

So with only a few weeks to go until our photography courses here at Bond Street Studios we do still have a couple of spots left on the intermediate level course on Saturday February 28th. Contact Roisin at the studios for full details on the intermediate course if you'd like to nab your spot or buy a gift voucher for someone. Looking for a little taster of what to expect? Emma Farrell did a beautiful write up on attending our intro level course and here is a little idea of what to expect from our intermediate level course

Photography Course Gift Vouchers

Aren't they lovely? Gift vouchers for our February 2015 photography courses are available for collection from the studios up until next Monday 22nd at 12pm or can be posted out. Call Roisin at the studios to find out more - 01 4166 888.    

Summer Beginner Level 1 Day Photography Course Now Open for ...

Summer Beginner Level 1 Day Photography Course Now Open for Bookings

Photography Course Looking to add one more exciting event to your summer? We have decided to do just one course this summer, which will be a 1 day beginner level course on Saturday June 21st here at our studios in Dublin 8. We'll be looking at such things as: * different file formats and how best to manage them * understanding and getting the best from the manual settings on your DSLR camera * an introduction to studio lighting * working with your subject (our models for the day) and focusing on learning how to achieve a great portrait * learning how to manage your files in Photoshop after the shoot Places are limited, and only a few remain, so if you would like to join us then touch base with Roisin at the studios for more details: or 01 4166 888 Gift vouchers also available!      

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Next 1 Day Photography Courses 2014

Thank you for all the requests flooding in after spotting ads for our next photography courses for 2014. We have no dates confirmed as of yet but if you are interested please email us and confirm the level you would be looking for - introductory level or intermediate level - and we will add you to the appropriate list so that you receive all course dates and details as soon as we have them confirmed. Email Roisin on so as not to miss out!

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Intermediate Level Photography Course February 22nd

So we are full steam ahead preparing for this coming Saturday's course. Keep your eyes peeled to find out who our top models for the day are this time around. This course is a level up from our last course on Saturday February 8th so we'll be picking things up a notch and having a more in-depth look at studio photography using our Profoto equipment. Click here for preview of what's on the photographic menu for the day.. 2 spots remain up for grabs

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Intermediate Level Photography Course, Saturday February 22nd

So after a great start with our intro class last Saturday, here's a little sneak preview of the general kind of schedule for our more advanced class taking place Saturday week the 22nd, once again here at the studios. A brief review of different file formats and importation, storage and management An introduction to Profoto lights and light shaping tools A more detailed look at the different light shaping tools - softboxes, umbrellas and beauty dishes - and what each can achieve Different treatments in Photoshop Pre-visualising your image and how to achieve mood with lighting Practical session with professional model based on the morning's teaching, using different lights and set ups Edit of shoot, final selection and overview of postproduction options, grading and retouch This course is aimed at those already with some experience looking to pick things up a notch, creating a forum for discussion and practical learning. It's going to be a fast paced day but if you'd like to